Jerusalem & West Bank Church of Christ


Raji Stephan

I have been preaching the gospel in Jerusalem and the West Bank since 1970 at age 23.  I never felt regret for serving the Lord 

I was born in the Old City of Jerusalem, the original part where King David lived. 

As long as God gives me days to live I will serve the Lord  I am thankful to God and His Son Jesus Christ that I was able to teach all my family members  Christ’s  Message.  They are all baptized born again in Christ. 

I teach many Muslim young men and woman Christ and convert many of them.  Some remain in faith and some, due to the family pressure,  left the church.  The work with Muslims is very hard because Muslims do not believe Christ is the Son of God.  We have to work hard to teach them and establish faith to accept the fact that God himself said this is my Son. I never give up. We have to keep teaching  what Christ commanded us to go and teach

This blended “congregation” of the Jerusalem & West Bank Church of Christ spans cities and villages in all directions from Jerusalem. 

I travel to each village and town every week to have Bible study with them.  Travel regulations are highly restrictive and violence can break out between Israelis and Palestinians most any place. Israeli checkpoints are everywhere.

In addition to serving my widely-spread-out congregation, I also teach Arab Palestinian Muslims as well as members of denominations (usually Catholic-Orthodox).

I also teach correspondence course students, hand out “benevolence baskets” and distribute Arabic New Testaments.

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